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Hello all. Could anyone tell me if they use easel pro on a workbee CNC, I understand that I cannot connect direct and have to export the g code, what settings do you input to setup a new machine is it just the cut area a grbl as board as when I try to setup the machine it has lots of pictures of different machines none a workbee, cannot connect with cable as it’s connected as acces point just want to know how to setup to export

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I run a workbee w/ grbl shield… and even occasionally do run directly through easel for quick simple one bit carves. (but usually I export and use openbuilds control because I prefer the interface over there)

The rule is that if it’s not a Xcarve, Carvey, or Xcarve Pro… then you select “other” then if the model isn’t in the dropdown under other then you select “other” again and enter the work area manually…

This method will only work for ONE machine profile… IF you have one or more machines already setup then this method will not work, you’d need to delete out the other machines to add a phantom machine this way:

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I only have the one CNC machine, that gives me enough headache, I use aspire vectric normally but have lots of projects that I made when I had my first 2040 CNC to see if I liked it, in your opinion would it be easier to export from easel then open in aspire and finalise or is there no need.

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Well In my opinion rhe toolpathing process (and modifying the cut settings) in easel is a lot faster than selecting vectors and the toolpath and bits, etc I’m needed in aspire, but if you wanted to use bits that easel doesn’t support, then the extra time in aspire might be worth exporting the svgs and redoing the toolpaths in aspire…

hate to say it, but
it depends

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