Shaking/vibrating/jumpy movement on x-axis

Hi everybody!

I need your help and/or suggestions to help me understand why the router starts a shaking/vibrating/jumpy movement while cutting from left to right (see the video to notice the difference between the smooth movement from right to left). It seem to me that it is forcing itself even while cutting plywood. it is even more obvious when the bit is longer. If i hold the router just a little bit, to steady itself, the shaky movement stops.

Has anyone had a similar experience or problem with this?

Please watch the video to understand better what i mean.

Can anybody help me out with this please?

Thanks, good day to all

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Google Climb milling. A router feed is supposed to be away from the direction of cut. Try slowing your feed rate down too.,produces%20the%20best%20surface%20finish.

Hi Martin, thanks for the info, but I still have questions. How can I control the climb milling in easel? Even if I decrease the feed, it does the same shaking movement…

The first thing I might try is using a shorter bit. Also I’d check the wheels to make sure they are as tight as they can go and still roll. All the elements of the machine play into flex and vibration. Try reducing your depth of cut too. Some software will let you choose the direction of the cut but I’m not versed in Easel, so I can’t comment on that. Lastly, is the bit new and sharp? A good quality bit will provide better results than a lower quality bit, as they get dull faster. I’m not sure of where you are located, but I prefer Whiteside, Freud, and CMT bits over all the others. You get what you pay for with router bits.

I have the same issue. Using 1/4 straight cut bit for roughing, cut .1 depths and 30/ something feed rate slows down the chatter. Slow but

I think the issue, ultimately, is the rails need to be stiffer. Probably upgrade belts and stepper motors while we’re at it.

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I had a similar issue which I posted about here Bit / Router shudder - #4 by JamesWNZ

Tightening the eccentric nuts further helped a lot.

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