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Shapeoko 2, GRBL version, and PWM

Our makerspace got one of the Shapeoko 2 in the giveaway last year. It kind of got assembled by committee, then I took the project over and have kind of... overbuilt it.

How do I tell what version of GRBL is on it? I've made a base for it with a drawer to hold the power supplies, laptop, speed control, and Arduino/gshield. I'm wiring up to add limit/home switches and to connect PWM output to the speed control.

The speed controller is essentially the same as the Quiet Spindle kit.

But it seems that our GRBL version may be 0,8, and so the pins will be different and no PWM? If I simply download the latest GRBL 0.9 and upload it, is PWM already enabled and the pins swapped so it is:
12 - Z
11 - PWM
10 - Y
9 - X

And is the probe pin on A0 enabled?

Maybe this is a clue as to the version of GRBL: It is running at 9600 baud.

Thank you,
Steve Greenfield AE7HD

I don't know the differences between the Shapeoko 2 and the X-carve, but here's what you would use if they are essentially the same.

Use Grbl version 0.9j

with 0.9j baud rate would be 115200 (it is 9600 with version 0.8).

with 0.9j
X home - D9
Y home - D10
Z home - D12
Probe - A5

with 0.8
X home - D9
Y home - D10
Z home - D11
Probe - A5

Here is one way to find out what version is on the Arduino. Write up is for 0.9j for 0.8 use 9600 baud

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