Shapeoko 2 problems

I recently bought a shapeoko 2 and I’m trying to get things figured out. I’m totally new to this. I have ben using easel and it seems to cut with straight bits fine but when I use a v bit in Easel Pro it does fine for awhile but then just takes off across the board. Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

Did you check your retraction height Gcode setting right before that particular movement? It’ll be G0 Z something or G1 Z something. G0 Z tells your machine to move the Z axis up a certain distance without a Feed rate. G1Z should be at the designated feed rate.

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I dont know I’ll check. Where does one find the code and is there a good place to learn more about the actual code. I learned a lot just from what you sent.

I don’t use Easel, but it has to generate a file of the Gcodes that run your program. There are plenty of tutorials for learning the basics just by googling Gcode. Something like this will probably do the trick.

Awesome thanks!

You’ll find out that GRBL does not support all of them. That can be found here: