Sharing my table project

I’m slowing getting back to making furniture more than the small craft type wood working projects with the xcarve. Started years ago(25 years or so) learning a lot of basics, then more in vocational school in high school. Was asked by a friend running a PRS match series if I’d donate something to the prize table, so I came up with this table.



Still need to build the drawer and drawer face, then ebonize the entire table base, as well as pour the epoxy top. Hope to have it all done by Thursday or Friday.


very nice!

what kind of stain was in the mason jars?

That’s a home brew. Not actually stain. The darker mixture is a tannin “tea” and the lighter muddy looking mix is actually an iron mixture made by dissolving steel wool in vinegar. Old school technique called ebonizing. Creates a chemical reaction in wood, unlike stain that is sort of a surface treatment. This reaction takes place in the wood itself. I’m hoping to have a YouTube video made reviewing and demonstrating the entire process in the next couple of weeks after having a few people ask. There are some videos that claim to be ebonizing, but it’s mostly just dyes, not truly ebonizing.

Good looking table. The iron mixture works great as just a stain, but by itself you never get consistent results. It definitely adds a color look to projects. Oak is a good one to react with it due to the natural tannin content. One piece you can have turn almost black, and another grey, even if cut from the same tree. With the dual mix process you get the same results no matter the wood, even cheap pine. Oak just looks far better due to the grain.

Apply the tea first. I don’t let it completely dry, but let it soak for a bit, then wipe off excess standing liquid. Then apply the iron mix. Let the iron mix sit for a little bit to soak in, then wipe off excess standing liquid and leave to dry overnight. The next day apply the tea mix once more and let soak for a bit then wipe off. The second application of the tea darkens the wood to a nice black. Before that it can have a bit of a bluish/black tone. Generally you don’t need a second coat unless you just didn’t allow it to soak in to the open grain in some woods like oak. I’m planning on covering in detail in he video.

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Awesome project, eagerly awaiting your video.

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Finally done and delivered.


That turned out fantastic!

Thank you! I’m happy with it and so was the person that won it. Friend running the competition said a lot of competitors liked the table and wanted it. Already have a couple orders, and a few other people asking about other options for possible future orders.