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I am the X-Carve lead at our local maker space, Fresno Ideaworks. We have recently purchased an annual Easel Pro license. When we were considering the Pro license, I was told that we could use it by having members “Share” their projects with that account, which generally seems to work.

I have been been doing some 3D carving which I setup in my free version of Easel and then “Share” with the shop’s Pro version. This worked a couple of weeks ago because I did share a couple of 3D projects. Now the Share/Publish options are not showing in the Project dropdown. I have other projects that include Pro features that display the Share option, but my 3D projects no longer show that option.

Any ideas what is different?

Thanks, Bill Frame

Dropdown of project with 3D STL import:

Dropdown of project with Easel Pro features but no 3D STL:

Did you try to reload Easel in a new tab??

Yes. I have reloaded Easel, signed out and back in, tried it in Firefox, Edge, Chrome. In all cases of 3D projects (imported STLs), the Project dropdown does not include the Share/Publish options. When I open another project that uses other Pro features, but not 3D STL, everything looks good.

how about your pc? clear cache and history? possibly rebooting it?

I just cleared the History and Cache in my Chrome session and nothing changed. I am seeing this on two different machines, in all browsers.

Just went into our Pro license and see that the Share option is available on my 3D carvings there. Is Sharing 3D projects a Pro only feature? I hope not! This is what I was told by Inventables to do in our shop: buy one Pro license and have other users Share their projects from their account to the Pro Account.

It does appear that sharing a 3d project is only available to accounts with an active Pro account.
This is in direct opposition to the instructions provided with the Educator account usage as identified in the last section here: where the Educator account holder is instructed to have their students create a free account and simply share their projects with the Pro Educator account when it’s time to carve.

There is this note in the Share Page now though:

Seth, Thank you for the update. Yes, I now see that note in the Sharing dialog. I’m not sure I understand their concern, since they allow Pro licenses to Share their drawings. It is disappointing considering their own instructions to have a single Pro account that students share! I know that many of my “students” want to learn and use the 3D carve feature!

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