Sharp inside corners with v bit on shaker style door

Does anyone have a solution to get sharp tapered corners on a shaker door with the v carve pro? Im using a 60deg V-bit. i see other machines running the v-bit up the corners on a detailed pass. Can x carve pro do this? If so, how? I specifically bought the machine to produce cabinet doors, but it seems it is very limited. I really was hoping this machine would take the place of my shapers on paint grade shaker doors. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

V-Carve Pro or on the X-Carve Pro using Easel Pro.
Either way, it’s just a rectangle pocket within a rectangle stock.

Where are you having issues?

First, Inventables has great customer service. After talking w Armani and an email, my frustration has cooled. First mistake was my order. My first cut was rough, 2nd 1/8 to clean it, 3rd cut was the 60deg.
instead, 1st cut is rough with a detailed 90deg pass. Problem solved.
I still would like it would work at a steeper angle, but 90deg will work. I hope Inventables design more door options for computer illiterate guys like myself, but for now shaker panels are my main seller with built ins. Its a bit of learning curve for no computer experience. Even as a master carpenter.
Occam,s razor. I was over complicating the cut with a bit that wont clean corners. Hope this helps out anyone else new with this machine.

Couple test pictures showing the 60deg vs the 90deg v-bit

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