Sheet metal sign making for the win!

This is the first half of a sign for a walk way entrance to a church camp made from 22gauge sheet metal that will be framed in 1x1/8 steel band. Spent most of the day and many bits till I found out what works. I made the image and tiled it in gimp then converted to svg and plugged it into easel. 5 on the dewalt used the aluminum setting in easel with a doc. of .125. I used a .125 carbide v bit to plunge to .125 then the widest part of the bit was doing the cutting. I will be making a video for the second half now that I know it works. The sign will measure 48x10 inch when complete.

The photo does not do justice as it does not show well but is clearly readable in person


I would love to see a video of that cutting. .125"? Plunging all the way through and then profiling? What the?

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That was my same thought too but it works lol. The multiple pass thing was not working and taking forever and killing bit after bit. So out of ideas I pulled this one outta my a**. This was a bad micro carbide with a broken tip it did loose it’s edge about half way through so I paused the process moved my z axis a bit and that gave me a fresh cutting edge to finish the cut.

Single flute router bits are the way to go, when cutting sheet metal.

Finished no coating they want it to rust then coat with clear


That is so cool.


I didn’t know it could cut mild sheet metal. That’s pretty neat.

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Great video!
The final product looks awesome

Is the sheet metal Aluminum or steel?

Nice! You can speed up the rusting process with a little vinegar and hydrogen peroxide:

Some info here!

22 gauge steel sheet

I just left it lay in the grass till they came and picked it up bout 3 days and it had a nice coat of rust