Shifting X axis and Feed Speed Changes

  1. This morning I cut a small box using 3 Toolpaths. On the 3rd toolpath the X axis cut, moved to the right leaving the box out of shape. This cut should have left a 1/8" lip all around the box. This shift cut 1/8" lips on 3 edges and a 1/4" lip on the 4th side.
    Making no changes, I re-cut the box and had no errors.
    I am using VTransfer on an X-Carve.
    Any ideas???

  2. While cutting these boxes, the feed speed would change each revolution. One slow, one fast.

That comment about different speeds sounds like two files were sent to the machine at once.

What software are you using?

The “shift” was very likely a skipped step. You probably have some kind of intermittent problem.