Shipping and question

Is it typical to have the 2 extrusion ( the longer black extrusions) attached to the xy piece. Also, why aren’t they packaged with the waste board pieces? I’m trying to separate the 3 pieces without damaging any of the 3.

Do I have to use the longer pieces under the waste board? Since I used the 4 same sized pieces already? It won’t be too difficult to swap out the front and back extrusion, just don’t want to if I don’t need to. I just evenly spaced the front and back so the side stiffeners had something to rest on as reference.

Also, why not make the stiffeners out of 2 or 4 pieces instead of 8? I’m tempted to cut one out of 2024T6 or T3 just to see for myself. After the warranty expires, of course. I can also try steel, I have a plasma cam.

Anyways, just wondered why y’all shipped the parts the way you did.


Welcome to the forum! With respect to the three extrusions, have you attempted to just slide them apart along their length?

I can not speak for why things are shipped the way they are since I do not actually work for Inventables, but I am sure there is a reason. This question might be better suited for Inventables’ Customer Success team.

For the stiffeners, I would believe that there could be multiple reasons, but one might be that they are designed to be added to machines that are already assembled as well as those being built.

With respect to where pieces go, are you following the Inventables’ directions?

Good luck with the assembly!


Brandon Parker

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Thanks for the reply, step by step. Packaging seemed to be the issue. Not sure why the 2 longer extrusions were in the box with the xy rails, and installed inside the rails. Not packaged with the waste board like the other extrusions were.

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It could have been a “weight per package” thing…maybe?


Brandon Parker

thanks for the awesome information.