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Shipping Question

Hello, Not really a question regarding my x carve but the items I am making. So I want to start to sell some of my items that I create. As of now though I made some gifts I would like to send some family. They do not live close to me. So I would like to ship. What is the best/cheapest mailing service to use for items like this? I have items as 20"x12"x.75" , 20"x37"x1.5" and 2.5"x34"x2.5" Thanks for any help. I live is Southern California if location matters : )

The post office is usually the cheapest. But, I always check the price with UPS and others based on size and weight and the where you are sending it, they will give you the price over the phone.

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USPS has 2 modes, flat rate and non-flat rate. In the flat rate model you buy a box of a certain size for a fixed price. Anything you can fit in the box goes. (I’m sure there is a sanity limit - don’t ship your neutronium blocks) but anything you made on your x-carve is going to be in the reasonable range. However if your thing is super light, then the regular shipping may be cheaper.

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