Got tired of putting a latex glove or scrap wood on top of my pop to the dust out…


Haha, that’s great. I could have used that so many times. I like it.

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I always thought sawdust tastes like chicken!

Welcome back Angus! Never thought sawdust could be used as a condiment…


Adds needed roughage to any meal

Good point! Now I don’t have to cover my sausage in shop anymore.

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Rockstar logo(pepsi), coke can… DO YOU WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN!>?!?

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Doh! And to think I almost put a Diet Coke
Logo on there and I would have been compliant…


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Guess I need to make one for the mug of beer I usually have in the shop with me.


I really like the idea, I know several times it would have come in handy. But I have to say the last time someone put a can on my table saw I almost broke their neck. My son left his half drank canon my saw over night the rust ring cost me 2 hours.

I hear ya, I usually keep my drinks by my computer but used an empty can and the table saw for the picture. Haven’t had to spend any time with steel wool on any of my tools yet (thank God). A little wax goes a long ways