Shop Vac motor burning out

So I have a 5hp Ridgid shop vac hooked up to my dust shoe and although she works well I notice she’s making some weird noises lately after some marathon long carves. Guessing i’m burning out the motor. How long do you guys run yours on average? and how long can dust collector systems run continuously? I stayed away from one as the shop vacs are stronger but may have to go that route, actually have one for my laser cutter but it exhausts outside not to a bag.

They use the air going over their motor from the exhaled air to cool off. Make sure your hose is not a smaller sized than can with it (just a guess here). If it is not getting good airflow it will overheat and die. You can use a system with a valve in it to allow extra air to bleed in on the line so it is getting enough airflow. Just have to find the balance between airflow and suction on the dust shoe. Also question. Are you just sucking it into the main vacuum chamber or do you have a cyclonic separator on your system? I use one and I hardly have to change my filters but every few months. Everything is caught before the vacuum and dropped into a small bucket for me to recycle or smelt down later (mostly aluminum shavings). If you are going right into the vacuum then I would guess you are choking off of air at the filter. Do you have a 3d printer or know someone close by who does?

Unfortunately, that is the name. Shop Vacuum. That’s the reason I purchased Dust collection. Dust collection is Air Transfer machine, not much suction. Especially if you drop the hose size down. But turn it on and forget it. Mostly the time using my Craftsman 6.5 for cleaning purpose. If I have very dusty carving like MDF, I’m switching to it because lots of suction. But never keep it running more then 10 minutes. Heats up like a hell. TravelPhotog is absolute for that. It depends on Air Flow true it. I also use two cyclones on same line.
I sent coupon to Allen other day, he purchased Dust Collector for $160.00 or something. I can scan and send it to you if you interest.

I use a 5 hp Dust Gorilla by Onieda. It will suck the paint off the XCarve, it’s so strong!!

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I was wondering where all my hair gone, there is huge tribulation somewhere. :joy:

Yes but how long do you run it at a time? Do you run it consistently on 7hr jobs?

Thanks, think i have a 20% off from harbor freight laying around

20% doesn’t give you enough saving. Allen paid $165 for it. 20% off makes $200.00

I would be interested in checking that coupon out!

The 2 hp dust collector is great. Very quiet and it can run all day and never even get warm.

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Before you buy This Dust Collector, you must know that, Shop dust lines/hoses ETC. must be 4". bigger the diameter better the air flow. This is not Shop Vac, dust collectors are Air Transfer Units. If inlet hose diameter drops, air flow drops.
Other than can be on all day with no heat problem.

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I would also recommend blowing out the actual electric motors on all of your devices/tools that exist in a dusty environment. I do it religiously and haven’t had a problem with any of my electric motors. I’m talking years and years on tons of tools. Just a regular maintenance item in my book. Keeps the brushes and everything clean, etc.

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