Should I build an enclosure or dust boot?

Hi again guys. I’m debating on these 2 items because I will be cutting G10/FR4 and CF in the near future. I work out of my garage and would like to know which way is the safer route if I was to choose one. The enclosure will take me time to build but a dust boot will be quick and not as efficient I’m assuming? Please feel free to comment and let me know for this scenario. Appreciate everything this community has provided so far!

Dust boot. 100%. The enclosure will localize it, but you will STILL need a dust boot, as that crap will be EVERYWHERE.

what methods have you considered for getting all of the debris out of the enclosure? it’ll likely take a vacuum. And you 'll NEVER get it all. so the machine gets a coat of toxic dust, that you will have to manually get out of all the tight spaces, with a vacuum.

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Thanks! I thought about an enclosure with some sort of ShopVac leading into it. Would those cheap dollar masks work for the time being (along with a manual vacuum of course) until my dust boot arrives at least? My jobs are very small and vary from 3-15 minute runs at most.

Can get a good 3M respirator for $30-35 bucks, which is what i have. If you want to go cheaper, get the BEST disposable masks you can find, and don’t stand too close… don’t want it in your eyes either

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Do you know if CF is more hazardous than G10/FR4? If that’s the case I may have to drop the more dangerous one, even with the proper equipment!

might be slightly less nasty… The materials themselves are mostly inert after they are manufactured, but you body can’t break down Kevlar, thereforre if it gets in your lungs, it’s gonna stay there

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Thanks I just read most of the 2 PDFs. I think from those 2, I will be working with G10 more than CF. I have already ordered the 3M respirator and some Dewalt safety glasses. I guess I can start working on G10 with a manual vacuum and respirator & glasses for the time being. I’m very excited that I can create my own parts. Any tips for cutting G10?

You should never breathe what you cant see. (because you don’t know what’s in it)

Just kidding.
Get yourself a good dust collector and a Suckit dust boot.
Be safe.

My vote is a dust collector.
I just build a enclosure to dampen down the sound a bit from my XC.
It worked well enough but the dust was kept in around the machine and got into everything. Actually causing me some problems with belts/motors slipping.

So I removed the enclosure and have started on a new dust collection boot setup.