Should I upgrade to the X - Controller?

Should I upgrade to the X - Controller? Right now I’m still using the gsheild. What are the benefits?

  • The gshield use stepper drivers that can not supply enough amps to fully utilize the Nema23 sized steppers.
  • The gshield have three stepper drivers, one for each axis => since Y have two steppers they only get 50% of available power each.

With the Xcontroller you´ll have:

  • Current rating of stepper driver is 4A which is more than the Nema23 need/want.
  • One dedicated stepper driver per motor, no sharing for the Y´s.

I have built my own CNC from scratch and the one thing I learned from that, through my iterations, is that each upgrade expose the next weak link. I dont say this to discourage you at all :slight_smile:
Your next weak link will be the stock belts so I´d factor that in as well if you decide to upgrade.

This will allow you to go faster/harder and with less chance of missing steps/failed carved due to insufficient power :slight_smile: The Xcontroller support all the functionality built into Easel which is nice.

If you want to reduce cost to a minimum you can basically build your own “Xcontroller” using an Ardunio UNO or Micro and 4x TB6600 stepper drivers - which powerwise = Xcontroller.

I built my own controllers, first one is with TB6560 and 24V PSU and the 2nd (current) is Leadshine DM556 / DM856 and 48V: