Should there be 'give' to router on z-axis?

I’ve noticed that if I place my hand on my Dewalt611 I can budge it to the right or left, and that there is some wiggle here. Is this normal or should it be quite tight and not move at all? Thanks to any help here.

There shouldn’t be ANY wiggle, but you can move it when the machine is powered off, but not when it’s on…without significant force.

Thanks, not sure what the issue is. I’ve tightened the V wheels as much as I seem to be able to. Rod is straight. It just seems like the wheels should grip the sides of the z-axis better for up and down…but just don’t know where else I could tighten??

You are using the eccentric spacers on two of the wheels aren’t you?

The ‘give’ is definitely in the fit of the v wheels on the spindle mount to the carriage. It seems like it’s just a matter of tightening the wheels…but I can’t go any more tight.

I don’t think I am. All four v wheels seem configured the same way. Was this a step I somehow missed? Or is this a mod I should know about? Thanks.

two of the side wheels are attached as ‘fixed’ wheels, the other two wheels on the opposite side are attached with eccentric spacers as ‘adjustable wheels’. It’s discussed here in the instructions. - this is for the Y plates - this is for the gantry - this is for the Z axis

Oh yes, thanks, now I remember. Yes, I did this correctly in set up.

But to really show my ignorance, I’m not sure how to adjust the adjustable wheels with the eccentric spacers?


I’ll report back. Thanks!

Oh my, I’m an idiot. That was it. Thanks so much for your help!


Thanks for all the support folks! I’m having an absolute blast learning even the basics with this beautiful little machine.