Shouldn't Take That Long

Good evening. Getting back into XCarve and Easel after some time off. I have setup a simple shape to cut the outline of a serving tray. I want it to cut the outline in a single pass using a 1/4" bit. But when I go to simulate the run, it takes multiple loops with an estimated time of 48 minutes. Something is setup wrong.

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Depth per pass in cut settings is set to 0.015" so its taking 25 passes.
If you want to cut in a single pass youd need to increase the depth per pass to equal to or greater than your material thickness

Thank you Seth. I could of swore I had the depth of cut set at .375 in the cut settings. It does work now.

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I think you did type 0.375 but it was in mm mode at that time because 0.375mm/25.4 =0.01476"
So just be aware of the mm vs in setting :slight_smile: but its fixed now so you’re good :+1:

Well, that clears up that mystery. Thank you again.

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