Shrinking STL files

Since Easel has a size limit of 100 million bits for a STL file what programs are available for shrinking them to size?

  1. At the Easel STL upload page you will find a link to a myminifactory website that is a very simple STL shrinker that can import files up to about 200-225mb
  2. Alternatives and options for larger files are Blender and MeshLab have methods of reducing the triangle count which effectively reduces the file size. (in Blender the tool is called Decimate)
    So you’d have to do a little math 95 (this is for the 100mb, but allowing a little safety room) / original file size X the ordinal triangle = New Triangle Count required.

Hopefully this helps.

Thanks Seth. I will check them out. I have 3 files and the smallest of them is 234,000. :frowning_face:

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Microsoft’s free 3DBuilder can “simplify” STL objects which will reduce polygon counts.

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Thank you kind Sir. I will check that out. I would like a program where I do not have to shrink the file such as VCARVE but the $$ are saying that is not going to happen at the present time.


how much do you pay for easel pro?

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Right now nothing. There is still over a year left on 3 year free program. But, I am going to revisit vcarve. Seen one version for $300.00 Think that might be the least expensive I need to look into.

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