Shudders with X Axis movement

Hi all,

When carving, the X Axis is jittery whilst cutting, and I think it’s throwing some of the carving off a little. I have adjusted the eccentric wheels to what I think are their the best possible settings, and I am going to keep on adjusting them and run test cuts without a cutting tool, but I don’t think that will help solve the problem. So, I am just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and can advise what to look for. Are the belt tensions too tight? Don’t think so… Does the X Axis move freely without jitters when not cutting? Yes…

Just not sure what to check next, and any advice would be appreciated!

Pete from Down Under

Check your top Vwheels and make sure they’re all making contact and aren’t loose. If they are, there are steps available here to correct it

thanks for the heads up guys, I think it was down to the feed and speed after all… new to this game lol