Shut off preview

With v-carving now working and file size becoming much larger the constant updating of the preview window while you make changes keeps locking up my computer.

I’d like to see a button where you could turn the preview off.


I’ve seen other people mention it in other threads, but I didn’t see it here in the feature requests.

Agreed, would be a great enhancement!

Stop being so agreeable @RobertCanning … messing with your karma… :slight_smile:


I would like to add my name to the petition. My bowser crashed twice this morning, while auto-previewing.



This is not a real solution but if you select a bit different from the V carve bits it runs much smoother.

I guess once you are done designing and making adjustments you can switch back to see the actual cut.

An on off button seems like it would be an easy add.

Hi Chad,

Easel is designed to shut the detailed preview generation off automatically if it can’t be generated quickly. Additionally, a couple months ago we made changes to generate the 3D preview on what’s called a “web worker,” which is a separate thread that runs in the background. Theoretically, this means that you should never need to do what you’re doing. Could you private message me some more details about where and when you are seeing slow 3D preview performance? Is this happening on a specific project? Would you be willing to record and private message me a video of the problem?


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No, it is not new. As I said we made these changes months ago. Can you PM me a project that is giving you problems?