Shutdown carvey without start carving

My Carvey seems have problem in power. It stop after checking the z value of target and then it shutdown automatically.

So checked in inspector console and send some command to reproduce the problem.

When I send motor rpm control message, it works until rpm 1900.
For example, M3 S1000~S18000 has no problem. But when I send ‘M3 S1900’, it shutdown.

I don’t think there is a problem with the spindle because I recently changed.

Do you have any idea to check power problem in inspector console?

Did this start right after you changed the spindle?

Is the power supply external or mounted in the machine?

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Nope, I’ve been used for 3month after change it.

There is external power supply.

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Sounds to me like a power supply issue. Can you check the output on the supply?
Does the PSU have a fan? Try blowing it out really well with canned air.


Yes, there is a pan with no dust.

When I open the PSU, there seems to be no problem. I hope I could fix this issue with replace AC/DC switching adapter.

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