Shutdown immediately before Carving

Hello all and thanks for reading.

Im a newbie and just got my machine all set up and ready to run. Im running Catalina on a new MacBook Pro and using the X-Controller to run the Xcarve. I opened Easel and started to get my machine setup. It recognized it right off but I could not get the machine to jog at all. I powered down, double checked all my connections, unseated and re seated everything… When I ran the setup again, it jogged once or twice on the Y Axis and once on the X axis, but then again, was unresponsive. I powered down, disconnected USB, ran setup one more time…

This time, just to see what would happen, i finished the setup, just clicking “working properly”, even if it wasnt - at the check automatic spindle part - I clicked test, but it did NOT turn the spindle on. I continued to click all of the things to move me through the setup process. When it finally told me I was all set and dumped me back into the main Easel screen, the buttons were green and I was able to see the XCarve and go in and jog the machine just fine!! I can disconnect my laptop, reconnect - it sees it right off without setup - and I can jog in all directions with no problem.

The problem is when I go to run a carve, it will go through all the steps perfectly - Z-Axis probe is great, I can jog around, no problems. However, once the relay is engaged and spindle and the vac turn on (They turn on fine here, even though they did not in the setup process), the machine runs for about 2-3 seconds and then it all powers down. If Im lucky to hit “start carving” before it auto shuts down, it will shut down immediately upon me hitting it.

Could it be the relay??
Having problems at setup but then having full control again later, make me think it cant be that, but it only shuts down when the relay kicks on.

Another detail - this is a used machine that i saw running perfectly before I purchased, sat for about 6 months, and I just now started to get setup. Dont know why that would matter, but suppose all details help.

Any help would be SO Very appreciated.
Thanks to the forum!

Show us your wiring to the relay.