Sign for Business - Dog Boarding

Made a sign for SJ’s Pet Yummies and Dog Boarding, for her new facility: The Getaway. Check out the video if you dig!

The Getaway X Carve Sign


Is the video stopping and starting for anyone else?

Not for me…

No, it worked just fine for me. Nice job on the video

It starts and stops for me also.
Great job on the video and sign though.

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I am unsure what you mean it starts and stops… is it buffering on your end?

I cannot seem to replicate the issue. Not anyone of my friends. We come from the programming background, and have tried to figure out what a few of you are experiencing… sorry for the issue though!

This is what I was experiencing as well. I though maybe I was loosing the last of my marbles.

I’ve lost mine long ago.
Its weird how the video stops but the timer keeps going.
It very well could be something with our video players?
No matter, its still interesting to watch.