Sign for my Sister

I liked the sign that the guy just creted. The various heights of the wood was pretty neat. So I tried to copy it.


Your sisters sign looks great!

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you should look into leaving some stock after roughing and the do a finishing pass.
There’s some issues with the crispness of your lines if I see it correctly.

Might want to look into it, it will make a huge difference I you get it sorted out.

Other than that, great work!

Cedar is not a good wood to do a nice piece of work with. It chips breaks and leave a stringy mess. It is the only piece of wood I had to do this wish I had better.

The sister sign has rough cut on the side. Other than that it looks great.

To me it looks like his feed rate was too fast

i will check it out. thanks

But the color of the cedar is great, try outlining your lettering with a smallish bit at a slowish feed rate before you do any of the clearance passes. this has worked to reduce the chip out for me.

I think the sign is great!

forgot, be sure to use a climb cut since the bit will not pick at he wood so much., I’ve had luck getting he “strings” off with a small brass brush that I got for auto detailing.