Sign i made using laser and router

made a sign for a lady at work. her boyfriend owns a dive shop, this is a sign for his office.
its made from aspen 27x11
the letters were cut seperate then inlayed into pockets cut in the main board. the world map was drawn with a jtech 2.8w laser
painting the sign was the hardest part lol


yeah thats where i got it. was first time using it

id compare it pretty close to poplar, in fact aspen is part of the poplar family (Populus genus) its maybe just a little softer but not bad. i havent tried staining it but it takes a clear finish pretty nicely

interesting note: the wood that most know as poplar, sometimes called tulip poplar, the greenish tinted wood at home depot, is actually not of the poplar family at all. its from the genus Liriodendron which is more closely related to the magnolia tree. i just learned all this after getting the aspen lol


very tidy work mate :thumbsup:

nice. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing