Sign Silhouette Template/SVG

Does anybody know where to get a vector file for a sign silhouette Like the one pictured here? Looking for one with a detailed top, but squared off bottom corners. Whenever I try searching for Sign SVG or Vector sign, I am coming up with everything but what I’m looking for.
Thanks for the help

Use the one shown, import as jpg image trace, then adjust/edit the points to make it the way you want.

Take your image run it thru Convertio converting it to an SVG. Pull it into easel and edit the nodes to your liking.

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Oh Convertio is a great tool, I need to make sure and recommend that in the future. Thanks for the hat tip Steve!


Thanks for the help. Big learning curve for me

Thank you for the info

You are quite welcome, deleting nodes is easy adjusting the ones that need adjusted to your liking takes some practice.