Sign your work?

Only if you want to blame someone else for any “design enhancements”!

I have heard of situations where someone buys something with the intention of removing the makers signature and signing it themselves claiming they made it. There are all kinds out there.

Tis is why I try to brand things in inconspicuous locations. If the question were to ever come up, I know where the brand is…

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All of the bar signs that I make for my customer has my email and phone number engraved on the back side.

I made a quick file in easel using a V-bit to carve out and then I use my wood burning tool to finish it off. Obviously I change the month and year but this is where I begin. I am hoping to be able to convince the boss to get a laser this Christmas and use that instead.


I just donated two pieces to a fundraiser for a fallen officer. I carved a rectangle into the back of the pieces and inset my business card on each one. I then used Modge Podge Dimensional Magic to seal them in.


I’ve had a couple customers ask me to hand sign stuff when I deliver it, all large pieces. Need to make a branding iron for my furniture though.

there was a thread about someone carving their own branding iron not too long ago…

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If you don’t want to do a branding iron but want it burned… what you can do is get some ammonium chloride and mix with water. Put that in a new stamp pad… or like I am a pen. mark your work with it, then take a torch and go over it. the stamped parts will burn quick. Laura Kampf on youtube has a good little video on the process.


Do you have to wash off/neutralize the ammonium chloride afterwards?

nope. it burns/evaporates

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here is the link to the video I was referencing. I like this video because she shows several different ways of doing it.