Signal light

I am looking to add a signal light to my 1000mm x carve with x controller. I know its got the tiny green indicator on the front panel, but im wanting to add a small signal tower light that illuminates when the machine is on. Could anyone guide me in doing this? Or point me in the right direction? Thanks!!

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Define “on”. Running a file or just turned on?

if it’s just running a file, I would use either the FLOOD or MIST output (M7 and M8 control in Gcode) and that’s a 5V output that could signal a state, it may not be able to actually drive one though.

Basically I want a larger more visible light when the machine is powered on, whether its running a file or not. When I switch the machine on, Id like the light to come on.

They have some 24VDC signal towers you could get. You’d need to pull out the 24VDC from the Xcontroller to be able to do it. You’d have to modify the chassis.

Thank you for the fast replies!! Do you know of any online source that could help me with that?