Signs carving

I am working on sign and I have problems with the machine 1000 x 1000. I have the 1st letter carved. I want to skip to the second one and carve it but the machine is going back to the first letter and It is done. What can I do to go the the second letter without going back to the first one

Add a rectangle object (or whatever you need to cover the letter) to your project and set it to zero-depth. Just place that over the letter that you do not want to carve. Then you can remove the extra pieces after you are done. That is the non-invasive way to do it.

If you do not care about saving the project for future use, you could send the text to the Exploder App, remove the original one after importing the newly exploded one, place the exploded letters as a group in the exact (X, Y) location (and depth) as the original and then either delete the first letter or delete all the points that make up the first letter.

The first option is most likely easier between those two.

Another way to do it would be to make a new work-piece with everything except the letters just copied/pasted over, and add the same text without the first letter. Then set the right-side (X, Y) position for the text to be the same as the original work-piece text’s right-side (X, Y).


Brandon Parker


Thanks Brandon that worked


No problem; I am glad it worked for you!


Brandon Parker