Signs in easel texted

hi all , been working on doing a sign ,oval , i can not get the text to match the arc , round not a problem . i was thinking i could do each letter and line it up with the oval , that will be a pain but might work . or do my sign in paint. thank you if any one a idea

Is this a design you would like to share? If not, I know the pro version does have a few text shaping options that might help along with stretching and skewing / tilting the text objects.

Another thing I’ve done is take your project to somethink like InkScape and design it there. Take a screenshot and import that image in easel.

I suggest designing in Inkscape for this purpose, you can use “text to shape” and match up perfectly to any shape using this function. . Then convert text to vector, then export as simple SVG and import that SVG into Easel resizing if needed.


thank you for the info , SethCNC and Kyle Tingley, i do love easel has a amazing lot of things , but maybe the programmer’s should look at some of the small things like text around a arc when making a sign ,yes yes it has text shaping to a point , using a ink scape to do things that easel could do ,just saying , also be able to take measurement instead of trying to work it out on the grid. simple click click and there it is 102 mm . thank you for your help again Marc

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