Signs with glow in the dark

Here is some of my signs finished with glow in the dark


Looks good. Paint?

i use glow in the dark powder, with epoxy resin,and painted with tinted laquer

What type of glow-in-the-dark powder do you use? most of the (cheap) glow paint products that I’ve tried don’t seem to hold much glow.

Sakura brand “Solid Marker” glow paint sticks (or “Solidified Luminescent Paint”) are bright, durable and can mark on anything.

Quality pigment is expensive!

I would love to see a step-by-step for this process.

I would also love a step by step if you or anybody else is willing!? I know not everyone has time for that though!!!

Btw your work is very nice!! Looks very professional!

yes your right pigment is expensive, is around $25 for 4oz.but the glow in the dark pigment works very good for me, i buy my pigments in and if you use a white background before applying the glow in the dark is more bright

i can share this process just i need take some time this week to take pictures or video

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thank you Casey, i can share this process is very easy to make ill try to take some pictures or video this week i just finish this one


That’s great!


Cool idea.
Thanks for sharing.

Please do … I was getting ready to try some glow powder in epoxy to fill engraved grooves in a part, and am sort of stuck on deciding my procedure. I do metal powders now in epoxy for fills and that works well, but the glow powder is a little different beast, worried either a) too thick of an epoxy will prevent it from getting enough light, or b) too thin and it’ll wash everywhere and the glow will be blotchy and visible even where you didn’t want it.

Torn between the normal T88 I use with the metal or something thinner like Mirrorcoat, although I suspect the thinner stuff might require constant stirring to prevent the glow settling out.

Also I currently use a heat gun to help ‘warm’ the epoxy with the metal so it flows into my engraving better - not sure that’s safe with the glow powder…

How about testing the correct amount on a test piece of material ? Just a small amount . I’ve used the glow in latex before . It’s a process to get the right consistency .

@HectorLuna what character is the 3rd and 4th one?

@RichardRemski i always make a test the glow powder in the epoxy before mixing with the hardener with a UV light i always use the yellow or green color powder those make more light and i put a white primer in the engraved piece to get more light

@Zach_Kaplan The 3rd and 4th is the same character just before paint and glow in the dark and after is finished and is RAINBOW DASH from MY LITTLE PONY was a gift for my niece

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@HectorLuna - So if I understand right you portion out your resin (part A only), mix in the powder, test and maybe add more depending, then after you have the glow you’re after you mix in the hardener (part B)?

Good to know it can be done that way. With the metal powders I always mix A and B to combine very well, then add powder last (while the curing time clock is already ticking).

Not sure about the white backing in my case - I want to use some red/orange in a piece of mesquite and I’m worried it’ll show at the edges of the groove too much. Will definitely let you know how it turns out (I’ll take blame if it’s bad, and give you credit if it’s good :wink: ) I’m after a fairly subtle glow for this particular piece, kind of like low glowing embers (it’s for some of the lines in a fireman’s seal), wasn’t even going to tell the recipient to expect it, it’s hopefully a “what the heck did you do???” surprise moment.

(EDIT: I’m after a daytime visible red/orange color, that also glows red/orange. Hopefully that’s what I bought a couple weeks ago, should be arriving this week.)

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