Silencer for exhaust header (14 ga. steel sheet)

This is my toy. I have a love for loud and fast so I have a custom golf cart I am always trying new mods on. It has a vtwin 23hp briggs vanguard engine with a 2 into one open header exhaust witch sounds great but the downside is i like my neighbors so I thought I would do them and my ears a favor and tone it down a bit as this beast can be heard up to 3 miles away. I like to keep away from adding a muffler as the added weight cause issues with the welds on the exhaust and a mower muffler although small and light is too restrictive for the engine at high rpm. So my solution for a light weight free flowing muffler was a set of baffle plates made on the xcarve then welded up to make a insert to fit into the exhaust. It works very well now i am only heard a few blocks away at full speed and still has the exhaust note I love.


Bless you! (for the sneezing bit) =)

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lol i knew it made it in the vid just could not locate it while editing. and thanks.

yeah I hate the auto volume and my cam has no option to disable it. but it went from screaming at each other to have a conversation while riding to loud talking and no headache after long rides bit plus for me.

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