Simple birdhouse

Does anyone have a file for a simple birdhouse they would like to share?
I can seem to find what I’m looking for.
Thank you.

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I found this by typing birdhouse plans in the search function.

Also keywords like cnc birdhouse plans on google also helps (I’m being sincere, not a dick.)


Yes I saw that one, but it looks like the peak of the roof would leak.
I suppose I could put some filler in it though.

No offense taken.
I found it also but l cant open a rar file.

Maybe have some plans there besides the 3-D stuff

Thanks for the help guys.
the one with the tabs is what I was looking for.
Guess I’m getting tired.

I feel a little embarrassed now…

Download and install 7Zip.

It’s free and handles RAR files (another form of a ZIP file)

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you could use the box ap on Easel to make one

This file was little further down on same post.