Simple Home "start switch" alternative that works

Have been followed the discussion on homing/limit switches. Can I offer my solution which works consistently well for both initial and tool change home positioning. I have added stops (wooden block with Hex head bolt and tee nut) on the X and Y carriage which when correctly positioned, with power off, the carriages are manually, gently and slowly moved against exactly positioning the cutter to the desired position. The photos are self explanatory and in the final one the cutter exactly over the home mark can be seen. Then power up the machine and run, in the positive X and Y, the cut.


That is very important, you may damage your electronics when moving too fast. I have no idea what margin you have between gently and slowly and too much so I still prefer the switches. They do stop the machine witnhin 0.5mm at full speed and prevent further damage.

Thanks for your rapid reply and interesting thoughts. I understand that it is possible to damage electronics with rapid manual movements on the carriages, although there is scant evidence on the forum of it occurring, so I move them very slowly. I would contend there are very few users who have not manually relocated a carriage, it’s simply too tempting and time saving, and the vast majority will have fitted and use, as I do, a winding handle on the Z carriage screw with little detrimental outcome but I will certainly bear in mind your comments and congratulations on the successful use of switches.