Simple Inkwell Holder

My buddy wanted a holder for his ink wells. Originally he just wanted a board with some holes in it to hold these little porcelain cups he uses to hold his ink in. Prior he was using sticky tack and piece of cardboard to keep them on. It was pretty ghetto, so I threw a few hours into it and made him this custom holder and lids.

For a quick weekend project it turned out pretty good. Ended up having to mill two holders, I hit a hidden biscuit in the first board that I didnt know was there. I ended up patching it and now I have a tea light candle holder for myself.


First off – nice work on the inkwell holders! Nice simple design.

Second – does your friend sell prints? I love that dragon!

@SeanKeplinger Thank you and he does. You can find more work here

And here

Sweet thanks! You should try importing a black and white drawing into GIMP or Inkscape and then carving with a v-bit! You might get some spectacular results.