Simple Jog Pendant using Arduino Pro Micro

I wanted a jog remote for my X-carve and just happened to find a mid-90’s Centroid CNC pendant at a local thrift store for $7. All this pendant really requires is an encoder, (4) equal value resistors, a 4 position switch and an Arduino Pro Micro. The Pro Micro takes the input from the switch and encoder and then emulates a keyboard to send the keyboard jog key presses to Easel. You just have to have the jog control open and then you can use the remote. Here is a video of jogging my X-Carve :

Once I had it working on a breadboard, I milled a custom PCB and installed it in place of the original board.


This is awesome, love this!

That is pretty awesome. I am interested in knowing how you got the movement so smooth. when I use the control screen on easel, the movement is very abrupt.

The Arduino is sending the keyboard command every time it senses a movement of the encoder knob. Try setting your jog step to .1 and the rapidly tap the cursor key 10 times for every inch you want to jog (careful that you move in a direction that has room). This will simulate what the Arduino is doing.

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Hmm I think my acceleration is set higher than yours as I did try that and I still get a bit more of an abrupt move.

would you be possible to to provide your acceleration settings? In grbl, those are: $120, $121

25.000 on all axis.

That is very low for an Xcarve.

My machine started life as a Shapeoko 1… Since then has been updated to the X-carve with longer extrusions, X carriage, DC spindle mount, and all x-carve gantry plates. It is still running NEMA 17 steppers and a arduino/protoneer CNC shield (3.51) for the controller. I am running GRBL 1.1h and I guess I never updated the acceleration settings.

Here is an updated video with the acceleration at 250. X-Carve CNC Pendant XY Acceleration ($120/$121) at 250 - YouTube

yea that is behaving more like mine. I will see about temporarily modifying the values for jogging purposes.