Simulate tool paths

When I tried to carve today with my X-Carve, every thing stopped when it got to the simulate tool paths. Any one have any ideas?

how complicated is the file? the aztec calendars i do takes 25 minutes to process

I am working on a plaque with the Ten Commandments. I made one last month and it didn’t take long to simulate.

Sometimes the simulations really bog down for me on fairly simple carves. Not sure why … likely internet traffic or high usage on the Inventables server?

A little later, it will be back to normal. Big, complex carves always take awhile.

It took longer to simulate than I thought it should. When it finished simulating, it said it would take 30 minutes to carve, but it took over 1 hour and 30 minutes to actually carve. But it did turn out looking good.

Its Easel, seems like the more complicated the carve the farther it is off. The Aztec Calendars are not even close to the estimate

I don’t know the algorithm behind time estimates for Easel but when doing a lot of 3D motion (releif carving or V-carving) the mechanical limitation lies with the lower max rate and especially acceleration rate of Z vs X & Y.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping it wasn’t just my machine.