Simulated tool path lock up

When I try to do the simulated tool path or want to start cutting, it gets about half way loaded then stops, I have tries different cut settings and different v bits, is this an easel problem?

Anyone want to give it a try, maybe I did something wrong.

It works. The progress bar moves quickly to the two thirds point and then sits for about a minute and then quickly finishes. I have an I5 processor with SSD drive.

Lots of this going around lately and Inventibles indicated they are looking at it.

I had one in Easel the other day that normally goes pretty quick but that time it sat at the 25% mark for at least 10 minutes before finally (slowly) making its way to 100% and then carving.

it finally did after about ten minutes, that is faster than last night, I couldn’t even get it to work.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing your project link. We are actively working on improving tool path simulation time and we will use your project as an example in our analysis and work.

having the same issue ,
even on simple designs on a circle , just takes a long time

Hi Carlos,

Can you share the link to your project(s)?