Simulating tool path and reduring Detailed Drawing taking a LONG time

I am having an issue with Easel taking a long time to re draw the image. What I am doing isnt complicated. It is just some text and a star being V cut.


most likely the issue is multiple vectors on top of each other. or possibly change your cutter from 90 degrees to 60 degrees.

The toolpath generation actually occurs entirely on the users PC, so if you’re using a very low Spec PC, then this could be the root cause of the delay in simulating the toolpaths…

If possible, could you share the project and post the share link here.
Go to Project>Share then set it to “unlisted” and copy the link shown (make sure to hit save) then paste that link over here please. (the process is shown in the last half of this video if a visual walkthrough of the process helps) Simple Method - How To send a friend your Easel Project - YouTube

I’ll then check out the project for any possible changes to expedite and see how well it runs on my computer, thanks!

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