Simulating toolpaths

Can anyone help me with this question please? When i am ready to carve a design in Easel and hit the carve button it takes you simulating toolpath screen with the progress bar. i have noticed that designs that are not very detailed will load quick and then will carve. My question is…on a design thats more heavily detailed i hit the carve button and the simulating tool path screen will pop upan the progress bar will load a bit then stop…and stay there. is it hanging up or does it take awhile for it to simulate its tool path and then eventually load to %100? any answers are appreciated…thanks!

Some designs can take a pretty long time.

It can sometimes appear to pause toward the end of generating paths with a v bit. It is calculating the medial axis path during that time. We’ll be improving that in the future.


hey Jeff…im.just using a 1/16 upcut bit. i just put my machine together yesterday and just didnt know if my software was getting hung up or it just took awhile for the design to be simulated on a design that had lots of detail…i kind of figured it would take awhile…thanks

Ok. I’m not by a computer right now, but if you share your project (File / Share / Share with link) and paste the URL here, then I could take a look at it later when I’m by a computer, or someone else on the forum could try simulating paths.

Hi @JamesBalli I was able to simulate this design. It took a few minutes and it did appear to pause but it finished up. You can see the results below. There is a lot of detail in the design so you might want to try a two bit operation with a 1/8" bit followed by a V-Bit instead of a 1/16"

Here’s what it looked like with the 1/8" followed by the 60 degree V-Bit. I also made the depth .100" which sped it up a bit.

Zach,thanks for your info. i love this machine so far but there is still alot to.learn on it. can you please go into depth a bit about a 2 bit operation? when do you stop to change out bits on a 2 but operation? will a 60° v bit wotk better in this case than a 90°? if you have a minute can you explain so that i know? thanks Zach!!

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The reason to use the 2 bit operation is to decrease the total carving time. For the larger areas removing material with a 1/16” but will take longer than doing it with a 1/8” bit.

The decision on 90 vs 60 comes down to the design and your preference for how the angles look. The 60 degree bit can do finer detail because the angle of the bit is narrow.

Easel automatically calculates what part can be done by each bit. It will stop after the first one. At that point you need to raise the Z axis up (don’t move it in X or Y) remove the first bit and replace it with the second bit. The bits will be different lengths do you need to set a new Home position. You want to make sure you don’t move anything in X or Y because you want the zero point to be in the exact same spot.