Single Path Alphabet

I decided I needed a font that followed a single line so that regardless of the bit size it would carve. After not being able to find one available I created one.

It’s a very basic style but if you have need of such a thing I thought I would share it. I have not cut it yet, but there really should not be any issues. I will create something and test it some time this week and share my results.

@Zach_Kaplan if this is something that you think would be of use on the Projects page I could post it, just let me know what you think.


Please post it I would love to have access to single line letters

The project is available in the post above. :point_up_2: Just make a copy of it for yourself.

Thanks sorry I missed that

Nice work!

Inkscape has support for the Hershey Text collection of single line fonts: — might want to see if your letterforms could be added to that project,

Alternately, just use F-Engrave: — not single line, but nice renderings of text.

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I use the CamBam stick fonts which are Trutype fonts so will work with F-Engrave.
There’s good information about using/creating stick fonts here.

@JosephCompton is the original file the Easel file or do you have a font file or an SVG?

We could potentially add it to the Easel fonts.

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@Zach_Kaplan I have an SVG file if you would like. I am also working on the lower case.

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This is awesome to see, what an amazing community. User makes something, shares it with everyone, and project picks it up and merges it into trunk.

You guys ROCK, all of you!

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Cool. Email it over I think we might be able to add it if it is an SVG. I’ll share the file with the engineering team and see if that is the format they need.

I emailed them the link to your Easel file and explained you have an SVG. What do you call the font? Compton?

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That would be great to have this as a font, and I would be honored for it to share my namesake. Before I go too far with it however, I would like to do a test cut as I still have not yet carved the letters. I hope to finish the lower case this evening and do a carve tomorrow to make sure that everything looks as it should post cut.

Dont forget numbers as well.

Good resource:

Public domain Hershey fonts as SVG files on thingyverse:

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Can u please add ocr-b?


Are there any news from the single line font in easel?

For OCR A/B, there’re METAFONT versions which are freely available and should be convertible to any format needed:

Was the uppercase font added to Easel? Would you be able to share the SVG file for the uppercase letters?

@BenSaks do you know the answer to @Tony9 's question?

@Ben-Saks Hi Ben, following up to see if you know whether this font was added to Easel. Thanks!