Single step 3d carving

Is there 1 software i can use to 3d carve or get away from easal?

I use solidworks to draw all my projects and i would love to find something i can use to carve stl files or import from stl to a sofware i can just click go like a production manager from flexi pro… Easal wastes to much time moving and doin absolutely nothing to b a money maker

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For 3D carving, your best bet for a “single step” solution is probably one of the Vectric programs (I don’t use that software, so I’m not innately familiar with the different options). This is not free software.

Personally, I use Fusion360 (which is free) for my CAM and UGS for my G-code sender.

The closest one stop “shop” for this I have found (free) is this, based on Fuson360 and STL.
Fusion360 isnt very capable when it comes to editing meshes and other software is better for that part.

But it will import and accept STL’s which can be setup directly for CAM without any conversion.