Size issue

Hello I have been using Easel on my 3018 pro
for 4 months with out any problems, today I set up a new job on it and it is cutting half size. Perfect but to small, so I opened a older pre done program and the same half size. I have noticed the the M6 rod is now M8 in would that be it.

Scaling in halves or doubling indicate a change on your microstep setting. This is done on the stepper drivers of the controller.

You can also affect this by changing the GRBL parameters for step/mm which is $100 for X, $101 for Y and $102 for Z.

Dont know the difference between M6 and M8 in this regard, if any.

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That’s great thank you I don’t know why they would have changed but will give it a go.

Spot on thank you again up and running again :+1:

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