Size of letters smaller than set for

I set my letters to be 1.5 in and 2.00 in. However, when routed they are only 5/8 in high. What am I doing wrong?

They are measured with the bondery box around them. If you want 2" letter make a 2" square and size them to it.

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Do I do that for every letter in my carve or just every word or…??

Wayne, I answered my own question. Thank you very much for your help. This has been driving me crazy since I started using my machine about a week ago.

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Another method is to add a shape (rectangles set it to 0 depth and move it off to the side… then select the new shape and your text and go Edit>combine,

This will change your text from editable text and turn it into a vector which doesn’t have the oversized bounding box, and the size shown is the true size


Thanks Seth, I will give that a try. Hope you don’t mind answering a lot of questions as I have a bunch. :crazy_face: Here’s two more in fact! Is there a guide someplace that suggests what bits work best with different carvings? Just looking for a simple guideline/suggestion type list. Also, I want to make a oval sigh for a friend. I know how to make the oval and only having the background removed but I want to have a board thickness border of say an inch wide. How do I go about programing the router to do that?

I like answering them :crazy_face:

For your bit reccomendation chart, I’ve seen some guides to what a certain bit is designed for, but no real cut and dry “use this bit for that and that bit for this” type of matrix chart. There are just so many possible uses for different bits based on the operators requirements and what bits might be avaliable …

For the ovals:

Make the main outside oval (set to full depth for the cutout.
Then select it and go into the apps (lego button) and use the offsetter v2 app and apply a 1in offset, and select “inward” and press ok.
Now you have 1 ovals with a perfect 1" gap.

Then set the new one to your desired groove depth :+1:

And, you can run the “font” objects through the Xploder app to turn them into regular vector objects as well. Then you can simply set the Width & Height as normal.


Brandon Parker

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