Sketchup to Easel... Or anything to easel

I am trying to figure out how to move CAD files in to Easel. I can create the file in Vectorworks, but when I export them as DXF files the ALL become flat. I can make them in Sketchup, but have no success in importing 3D CAD files in to Easel. Does anyone know how to do this?

Easel doesn’t do true 3D, and you can’t import 3D models.
Assuming you designs could be handled by Easel, your best bet is to import the flat dxf and set the depths of all elements in your design.

Ant recommendations for 3D CNC and the X-carve?

I’m using Fusion 360 + Chillipeppr as a sender currently. Works well, even though I had some problems lately, which I need to address (carve stopped again, cursed me :frowning: ). I hope that was just one time…

That depends on what you’re making, but as @DominikMai said, Fusion 360 will allow you to generate toolpaths from a 3D model. I don’t know what formats Vectorworks can output, but you may be able to import them into Fusion.
Got an example of what you’re making?