Skull face project test

hey everyone i wanted to see what you thought about this project

I did this in 3 different easel files all on the same piece of wood

File 1: 60 degree v-bit tracing outline I know I know I should of have used a v-craving program but it actually looks really good

File 2: 1/16" upcut spiral on the writing

File 3. .25" single flute carbide bit at 80 in/min and doc of .125 made a extremely nice cut except for the very last pass

I am experimenting with doing multiple things to one single face of wood and i think its going pretty good I really am at the limit of 2.5d carving I believe with something like this and need to start moving into 3d cutting


looks nice!

I like it, it turned out great!

cant wait to see it finished. pretty cool so far


I have v-carve pro but I still canā€™t muster up the strength for Aspire