Slab flattening

How do you change stepover for slab flattening. I have a 1 1///8 bit and see no place where i can change stepover

When I surfaced my table, I just drew parallel lines connected at every other end, spaced about half the diameter of my bit. The cut was on path.

There’s this thread:

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Machine>General Settings

You can go into tools and create a tool to match what you need. Bit size , step over , depth of cut. Then you have it when you want you can just select that tool and your good to go.
Also what I did was measure the out side profile to what you want to cut then use the pocket cut in raster to create the program for your cut.

stepover is not a setting within Easel’s toolbox

Your right. I was thinking of a different prlgram i use.

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