Slanted pocket

Can easel support pockets that are effectively slanted

I’m sorry if this has already been talked about, but I am new to the community. I want to make a board with pockets for playing cards, where the pockets are more deep on one side than the other. I’m only looking for a 10 degree curve, any tips? Can other software accomplish this? Or maybe the x carve can’t create a smooth enough surface?

The x-carve can do it, you just need the right software (not Easel). There are many choices for CAM packages that can do this.


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you could do a more complex set up if you have the clearance on the work piece.


That’s a great idea

it is easier than you might think in fusion

This was my first thought of how I would do it.

JDM, you just blew my mind! How simple. I cut some 70 degree angles on the table saw that will be perfect for the CNC. just need to cut a 20 degree base. I love this place.

Glad I could help.

Remember to zero on the highest side!