Sleeper Simulant Replica

I’m trying to replicate this with my X-Carve; i am having issues trying to figure out how to convert this over to layers…fully knowing a lot of these components (wires, bars, etc) will need to be made on something other than the X-Carve, but a little help would be awesome!


personally, i would make this into a kit of parts. Make “keys” which would be cuts in the parts so other parts would fit in place easily.

this would make painting it way easier and maintain more detail.

wow that’s awesome. Please post pics if you figure this one out.

What is your source file? Do you have some kind of 3d file already, game model, or are you working off of reference photos?

You should check in with @SeanKeplinger. This is right up his alley…

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Check out my project on building an MDF replica:

The Sleeper Simulant is on my wish list. I’d be more than happy to give advice on the construction!

You can download the STL files for all Destiny weapons here:

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I was able to open the “Combined” model in netfab basic and it broke it up into the individual elements :slightly_smiling:
This is a really complex model!
If you had a 3D editing program and could cut it up into even smaller parts that would help.
But it it way out of my skill set.

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@SeanKeplinger i had this same exact model (.stl) file of the sleeper which you posted. The most difficult aspect of it is going to be the barrel section. The mag, trigger and butt stock shouldn’t be to difficult to get the base parts made up (wiring, tubing, etc) will not be able to be done on the X-Carve which is fine. As for the bent trangular components this depends on what someone wants to make them out of (aluminum sheeting can be cut and bent … wood blocks can be cut on a band saw, but they will be pretty brittle due to the thickness). The 5 side blocks can be cut out of wood/MDF using the X-Carve.

These are just a few thought i have come up with thus far.

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The only hard part is breaking it up into components so it can be constructed.
Think of how the gun would be built.
I have printed complex items on my 3d printer.
You will need to do similar for this on your carving system.