Small carvings

I managed to get the new board installed and here is my result…

Going to make much more as I hone in my skills. :smiley:
BTW the bottom image is a 3d carve it has front and back. The back is not pictured.
Bits were 1/16 downcut for the rough and .5mm ball nose for the final.
Wood is Poplar.


That’s amazing detail !! Every day this machine (and this forum) continue to amaze me…

Please do send a pic of the final results when readied.

I forgot to mention that the first picture was done using V-Carve
The second was done in Cut 3D
Both apps are from Vectric
Still need to get the mods (Phil’s idea on the Z axis change)
some others for beefing up the machine for working faster.
I will be doing a lot more after the move.
The last carving if I remove the outer areas the tail will most likely break. So I will need to make it thicker. I will be making a few more.
I am also going to buy another one of those bits. I like how small of detail I can get. :slight_smile:

You can get pretty small with this machine with pretty good detail. If you plan on doing some small stuff you can get the cheap ebay v bits they work pretty good without breaking on small stuff.

This was done some time ago with a bone stock machine.


damn. Thats nice.
I will have to get some of those.
The bit I used was a ball nose

BTW what was the speeds and feeds?